Life is like music;
it must be composed by ear,
feeling, and instinct,
not by rule.
~ Samuel Butler ~



Trish Richardson

Trish Richardson is truly passionate about writing, especially when it comes to writing about the music she loves best:  Jazz.

"Trish Richardson has the unique ability to illuminate the blood,  sweat, and sometimes tears, that make up the work that goes into the  making of a professional musician when the stage lights are off."  
~ Josh Brown ~

Most recently she has interviewed three of jazz music's leading musicians for AllAboutJazz.com:  Mark Whitfield, Leroy Jones, and Josh Brown.

"The article you wrote was quite possibly the best piece that anyone has ever written about me and I'm truly grateful."  
~ Mark Whitfield

Putting an artist's story out to the world is a privilege and responsibility and she takes great pride and integrity when given the opportunity to do so.   "I put the pieces of what each artist says together to form a unique and colorful puzzle.  One that I hope informs, entertains and educates the reader." 

Trish has a B.A in Elementary Education with an English major and an emphasis in journalism.  She has designed and taught creative writing workshops to students in both public schools and private lessons.   Education and opportunity in the arts is very important to Trish, and half the proceeds from the book will be donated to VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

"The greatest way to pay back a musical gift is to pass it on.  Honor the past by committing to the future."

In addition to completing The Soul of Jazz , Trish has additional non-fiction books planned for the series.  She also hopes to co-write the autobiography of one of her favorite jazz musicians.

Read Trish's articles at All About Jazz.com:
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~ "Quick Whit"
Leroy Jones
~ "A New Orleans State of Mind"
Josh Brown ~ "The Education of a Jazz Trombonist"

contact Trish at: trishrich@thesoulofjazzbook.com