If music be the food of love; play on.
~ William Shakespeare~




Praise for Trish Richardson and The Soul of Jazz:


"Thanks for putting your heart and soul into this.  It's something really special you're doing."-- Mindi Abair, saxophone & vocals



"Trish Richardson has the unique ability to illuminate the blood, sweat and sometimes tears, that make up the work that goes into the making of a professional musician when the stage lights are off." -- Josh Brown, trombone



"Trish's way with words rhythmically dances through her interview with the artist.  If you love jazz, I'm sure you will welcome this intimate and introspective jazz journey."
-- Billy Kilson, drummer


"Trish Richardson is the rare balanced combination of intellect, curiosity, objectivity and expressive interpretation.  Like ingredients in a recipe, balance of these key elements is rare, elusive and deserving of praise and recognition when it is achieved."
-- Rob Perkins, drummer


"Trish's truly a catalyst for thought and devoted to bringing out the inner workings of those she chooses to write about.  I look forward to reading what she has to write in the future" -- Mark Small, saxophone